Identification Of Lymphatic And Blood Vessels

The histological discrimination between blood and lymphatic vessels can be challenging. In immunohistochemistry, the two structures are identified by staining with specific antibodies against podoplanin or CD31. Anti podoplanin (product T-2038) is a lymphatic endothelial marker that does not stain the blood vasculature. Anti CD31 (product T-2001) on the other hand is an established blood vessel endothelial marker. Together, they provide the evidence needed for evaluating your tissue sample.


Podoplanin is a prominent antigen of the kidney glomerular epithelial cell, the podocyte, where it seems to play a role in controlling glomerular permeability. Podoplanin is a mucin-type singlepass membrane protein, with its blocked N- terminus on the extracellular side. It contains 172 amino acids, is extensively O- glycosylated, and contains numerous sialic acid residues. Podoplanin is also a well- established lymphatic endothelial cell marker and as such a useful marker to distinguish lymphatic vessels immunohistochemically from blood vessels.

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Author: Dr. Philippe Pfeifer

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