Antibodies for Porcine Tissue

Here at BMA Biomedicals we develop antibodies for use with porcine tissues, in view of the importance this species plays in animal models and with diseases affecting human health. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of antibodies that will help you in assessing your veterinary tissue samples.

Monoclonal Antibody to Porcine Epithelial Basement Cells Mouse lgM, Clone PB1

Monoclonal antibody PB1 recognizes cells of the epithelial basement cell layer in different swine organs. Positive staining is seen with basal cells in the epidermis of the skin, in bronchiolar epithelia of the lung and in cells of the macula densa in the kidney. Antibody PB1 cross-reacts with human tissues and works with frozen and paraffin sections.

Monoclonal Antibody to Porcine Mx1 Protein Mouse lgG1 κ, Clone AM39

Monoclonal antibody AM39 recognizes the porcine Mx1 protein. Mx proteins are cytoplasmic proteins induced by type-1 interferons (alpha and beta). ln humans, mainly monocytes and lymphocytes have been shown to express the Mx protein, whereas Mx expression is low in granulocytes. Mx proteins are high molecular weight GTPases of 70- 80kD which belong to the dynamin superfamily. A unique property is their antiviral activity against many RNA viruses.

Some new and popular products:

  • Mouse anti Porcine Epithelial Basement Cells (Clone PB1)
  • Mouse anti Porcine Mx1 Protein (Clone AM39) o Mouse anti Porcine Neutrophils (Clone PM1)
  • Mouse anti Porcine/Human Macrophages (Clone PM-2K)
  • Mouse anti Porcine C-Reactive Protein (Clone PC1)
  • Mouse anti Porcine Endothelial Cells (Clone PE1)
  • Mouse anti Human/Vertebrate Cytokeratin (Clone Lu-5)
  • Rat anti Mouse/Porcine Reticular Fibroblasts (Clone ER-TR7)
  • Rat anti Mouse Macrophages/ F4/80 (Clone BM8)
  • Mouse anti Rat Macrophages/ CD68 (Clone ED1)

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Author: Dr. Philippe Pfeifer

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